A Wanted Man by Imp The Great 

A WANTED MAN by Imperator.. This is a story about a young man who accidentally kills a cop who was harassing him and now he's on the run... I don't remember what year I wrote and recorded this song. Leave…

"The Groupie" Hen Dogg Interview 

This is a video interview from one of the actors from the unfinished film "THE DUP's".. I added a few scenes from the film to give you a more visual idea of what we were doing. I put this…

What you cooking Steve?

If you know me well then you know I love to cook. For those who didn't know I'm going to share with you a few episodes of "What you cooking Steve?". It's a series of how to…

Keep Ya Head Up by Imp The Great

Keep Ya Head Up by Imp The Great from the upcoming album "M.A.T.H.".... Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Suicide Note by Imperator

“What you did was give me the feeling that I felt when I first heard Ice Cube and Jay Z. The story kept me engaged and I don’t comment often on rappers. I personally think you have what they

Quotable Clothing

I'm developing a merchandise line for my rap alter ego "Imp The Great" called quotable clothing. here are a few items I've designed thus far. For more details or to purchase simply click on an image below. - Imp