Rappers Over Thirty Podcast #24 Creative Energy with the MC Producer and Ill Philosopy Records JIZZM HIGH DEFINITION 

Episode Description
In this episode: “Imp The Great” explains why non-blacks who love black people and black culture should support black business. Imp plays a couple of his songs and a few exclusive unreleased songs from Ill Philosophy Records. He interviews “Jizzm High Definition” about his rap music, record label, artists, and influences. When asked about his health Jizzm tells about his bout with Covid and Kidney Stones. 

The songs of the day are: 

“Rosetta Stone” by Imp The Great

“Workaholic” featuring Cozy Sutra, Arion Mosley and Jizzm High Definition 

“Elevated” featuring Arion Mosely and Jizzm High Definition 

“A Better Way” by Imp The Great “Stay Home” featuring Jizzm High Definition and Neb Luv “Constantine” featuring Jizzm High Definition Music Video Links: “Worldly Waze” feat. Jizzm High Definition and Kree - https://youtu.be/u47yqSHth3E (Watch Here) “Pure Gas” feat. X, Jizzm High Definition & Phoenix Orion - https://youtu.be/1AyCOMC0_lI (Watch Here) “Murderer” feat. Jizzm High Definition - https://youtu.be/1ogXYVlEyLw (Watch Here) “Make Moves” feat. Jizzm High Definition & Soul King - https://youtu.be/L00GZ4qkLCI (Watch Here) "Readers Digest" feat. Jizzm High Definition, Monstroe, DJ Jah Bluez, and Abstract Rude - https://youtu.be/IXSCcavNsr0 (Watch Here)

The quotes of the day are: 

“Fear is a waste of creative energy. Each time you doubt yourself you block yourself from solutions and opportunities that can change your life.” - Unknown Author 

“I want the world to be better because I was here” - Will Smith

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