Rappers Over Thirty Podcast #20 The Chef, Emcee and Ghostwriter music and interview with DisMost 

Episode Description
In this episode: Imp plays music and interviews the veteran rapper “DisMost”. The unsung “Good Life” open mic venue emcee. DisMost wrote “24 Hours to Live” for Eazy E, has a song with Too Short and has toured with Ras Kas. He optioned out of signing with Dr Dre and Suge Knight and has been affiliated with DJ Bobcat. When things got hot for Puff Daddy in Los Angeles he was the chef at bad boy’s secret mansion.

In 2020 DisMost dug into the vaults and started putting out music which inspired a renaissance with multiple projects, releases and music videos. He’s on the cusp of some futuristic music promotion and distribution. He’s a family man with a wife and two sons and now resides in the Dominican Republic. 

The songs of the day are: 

“Badder Than Bold” by DJ Jason Jump, Dismost and Akil the MC 

“Where You From” by DisMost

“Veterans Day” by DisMost 

“Toca De Queda” by DisMost 

“Sak Pa Se” by DisMost

The quotes of this episode are: 

“Even when I was close to defeat I rose to my feet” - Dr. Dre 

“Once “a year, go somewhere you have never been before. - Dalai Lama 

For more information on “DisMost” and his music, videos and merchandise visit his official website http://www.DisMost.com (www.DisMost.com)

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